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Jan Basford

Jan Basford

Jan Basford - Head of Clinical Administration 

Jan Basford, Head of Clinical Administration, has been a vital part of East Lancashire Hospice since July 2021. 

Jan began her journey at the hospice after working as an Office Manager for a GP practice. She joined the hospice with the desire to help patients across clinical services, believing she could make their journeys easier. Despite having no previous connection to the hospice, Jan quickly integrated into its mission and values. 

Throughout her time at the hospice, Jan has become proficient in the EMIS clinical system, and has led the transition of the Inpatient Unit to electronic care plans, trained new clinical staff, and built a confident administration team. Jan is about to embark on a data project to produce an extensive suite of reports, emphasizing the importance of data analysis. 

Jan's proudest achievement is enhancing communication between clinical services and the administration team, creating a robust support system. Reflecting on her time at the hospice, she is most moved by the daily care and support given to patients and loves hearing them sing each week, which fosters a sense of community. 

The hospice has profoundly impacted Jan personally and professionally. Having lost a close relative in a hospital setting, she appreciates the peaceful and dignified environment the hospice provides. She finds the hospice’s holistic approach to patient care refreshing and complementary to their treatments.