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Philip Carter

Philip Carter

Philip Carter - Head of Facilities 

Philip Carter, Head of Facilities at East Lancashire Hospice, has been a vital part of the hospice for the last 22 years. He started his journey in January 2001 as the Kitchen Manager before transitioning to his current role as Head of Facilities. 

Over the years, Philip’s role has evolved significantly. Initially managing the kitchen for a decade, he learned new skills and embraced the respon­sibi­lities of the Head of Facilities.­ 

Philip’s proudest moments are closely tied to the upkeep and modernisation of the hospice and leading large refurbishment projects, in particular managing the year-long transformation of Cafe Retreat and the expansion of the building. 

One particularly memorable moment for Philip was helping a young man, who was terminally ill, marry his partner at the hospice. The patient was only 30 years old and had planned to get married that weekend, but his condition deteriorated. Philip and his team quickly organised the wedding at the hospice. This deeply emotional experience resonated with Philip, as his own son was the same age as the patient. 

Philip’s involvement with the hospice has enriched his life both personally and professionally. He has made lifelong friends, acquired new skills, and finds every day to be a new learning experience. 

What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart, in Philip’s view, is the collective effort of the entire team. It’s not just one aspect but the combination of everyone's contributions that makes a difference. The hospice operates as a cohesive unit, with every member playing a crucial role in its success. 

As he puts it, "I love working with such a dedicated team, where everyone’s efforts are recognised and make a real difference." 

Being selected as one of the 40 faces is a great honour for Philip. He feels pleased and proud to be recognised for his work and dedication.