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Michael Brooker-Carey offered me some insight into his work as a Health Care Assistant at East Lancashire Hospice this week.

“I’ve been here for over twelve years and support our patients in lots of different areas. I am presently based in our In-Patient Unit however I have also worked for our Hospice at Home patient service.

“The roles are very different. Working with patients at home allows us to offer respite care for family members; a break from the challenges that caring at home can bring, as well as allowing loved ones the opportunity to see friends, shop, or just get to the hairdressers.”

“Sometimes it’s about patients with dementia who need someone to be with them, and on other occasions it’s about offering nursing support

 “One particular visit recently was with a lovely couple in Barrow, Whalley. I spent three hours with a gentleman there. We chatted about his history in engineering, took his dog for a walk and together covered a couple of miles and lots of conversation.

“He had been anxious about my visit; no one wants a stranger in their house, but walking around Wiswell and then returning to look at some artwork I had taken round, we soon became friends.

“The following visit his anxiety had returned, he had forgotten about our walk and chats, but by the end of that visit, he had relaxed again as we chatted about his passion for gardening. On that occasion, I prepared him for the night and left after he had turned in and his wife had returned from her evening out, secure in the knowledge her husband was safe.

“Having both been fit and active, his dementia striking whilst they were both in their seventies had been a blow, and his wife was so grateful for the support Hospice At Home offered to them both.

Michael added “I feel valued in this role. I am rewarded by people’s smiles as their faces light up when I arrive, and I know I make a difference. I help them to forget about their condition.

“I’ve done lots to support the Hospice in other ways: I helped with fundraising events, and also with our Bereavement drop-in group. I’m also taking part in the Calendar Boys’ project for next year so watch this space!”

If you are in need of support at home, please contact your District Nurse or GP in the first instance, and check our website for further information on Our Care (eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk)

If you are interested in a position with East Lancashire Hospice, please check our website on Job Vacancies (eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk)

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