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Make a Will Online 
We work with Make a Will Online to help supporters turn their intention to make a will into a reality.  You can make a solicitor checked will securely and conveniently in minutes.  And for free! 

Go to https://­make­awil­lonline.­co.­uk/­eastla­nc­shos­pice.  We will learn about the existence of a will and any gifts you leave if you do this.  This is extremely helpful for us too!  You will also benefit from free access to Capacity Vault. The best way to protect the wishes in your will online. 

Make a will face to face 

If you already have a solicitor or if you would rather speak to a solicitor face to face you should do so. Also, if you have a large estate above the inheritance tax threshold, or if you have a complex estate (e.g. trusts or foreign assets) you should also speak with a solicitor. Where there is a worry due to medication or a dementia related illness we always suggest speaking with a solicitor face to face.  You can find a local solicitor using the Law Society website.   

Please make sure your solicitor uses our full details.  Our name: East Lancashire Hospice, our charity number: 1075653 and our registered address: Park Lee Road, Blackburn BB2 3NY. 

When you make a will online we learn about the existence and amount of any pledges. If you want to keep this information completely confidential use this link to make a will online. We won’t learn anything about gifts left this way.  Whichever way you choose to remember us – you are doing something incredible.  Thank you.  

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